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Photo by Laura Sikes

(See N.C. Baptist Page 11) (See Leaders Page 5) By Melissa Lilley BSC Communications


rom research about why young adults are leaving the church to why so many church- es are plateaued or declining, it's not hard to find evidence pointing out the desperate need for transformation in churches across the country. The latest study from LifeWay research takes on a different approach. Transformational Church focuses not so much on the negative trends as it does on what needs to happen in order to reverse those trends. A major part of seeing transformation in the church comes when churches stop measuring success by the numbers and start measuring success by whether or not lives are being changed. Find it Here 2011: Embracing Christ is an effort to help churches focus not on building a larger budget, or bigger buildings, or better attendance, but to focus on helping people obey the commands of Jesus Christ to follow Him and abide in Him. This type of life transformation only comes when churches are committed to making disciples. Through a simple and intentional discipleship strategy, churches can decide how to customize the Find it Here emphasis to make disciples in their own context, said Lynn Sasser, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC) executive leader for congre- gational services. Through Find it Here we pray that North Carolina

Leaders want to make disciples, transform lives

By Laura Sikes NAMB Communications


ollege freshman Shemaiah Strickland suffered with horrible nightmares when she first came to Morgan State University (MSU) in Baltimore. Adjusting to being away from her home in Atlanta for the first time, she said she just wanted to belong. Strickland attended a university organization fair and met North American Mission Board (NAMB) missionary Vickie Stewart, who was staffing a booth with fellow campus chaplains for The University Memorial Chapel. Strickland had prayed to God for help with her loneliness. I asked God what to do, and He sent me to Vickie, she said. Stewart gave Strickland her card and invited her to call whenever she wanted to talk. She made the call and Stewart later led her to Christ. Though Strickland had attended church off and on, she says she never felt she had a personal relation- ship with Jesus. She started going to Stewart's weekly

Missionary answers tall challenge

WEEK OF PRAYER - Vickie Stewart, center, a North American Mission Board missionary, connects with Morgan State University (MSU) students Stephon Walker, left, a junior, and Phillip Datcher, a senior. The 4'11 Stewart, a Baltimore native, came to MSU in 2008 as campus missionary. Stewart is one of eight missionaries featured in the Week of Prayer for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, March 6-13. A video about Stewart is available online at www.youtube.com/biblicalrecorder. By Dianna L. Cagle BR Assistant Managing Editor


roviding a caring touch in times of sickness. It's what nurses do. But some nurses in North Carolina unite to help even more people and to administer the gos- pel into people's lives. It's kind of been my life, my niche to be able to be part of a fellowship of nurses, said Donna Rodgers, outgo- ing president of North Carolina Baptist Nursing Fellowship (NCBNF). While leaving her presidential role, Rodgers will continue to lead as health center director and contribute to the organization. Built around Psalm 23 - He Leads We Follow - brought nurses from

N.C. Baptist nurses minister, fellowship, volunteer together

across the state together for NCBNF's annual meeting. The event featured an indoor prayer walk with stations set up for each verse of Ps. 23:1-6. There was also a time of continuing educa- tion credits as the nurses studied about diabetes. The group met Feb. 5 at Cara- way Conference Center. Some chose to come the night before to stay but others drove in for the day.

On mission

Nurses who had traveled to India and Honduras as well as ones who had served with World Changers and Vic- tory Junction shared their experiences with the group. Claudia Hayes, who has been a mem- ber of NCBNF for about 20 years was

BR photo by Dianna L. Cagle

LEARNING - North Carolina Baptist Nursing Fellowship members gather at Caraway Conference Center Feb. 5 to gain some continuing education credits and hold their annual meeting. (See Missionary Page 7)

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