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NOVEMBER 1-3, 2015 News Journal of North Carolina Baptists BRnow.org


essengers and attendees at the 2015 An- nual Meeting of the Baptist State Con- vention of North Carolina (BSC) will be encouraged and challenged to "echo" the love and message of Jesus to others during this year's meet- ing. "Echo: Reproducing Gospel Life in Others" is the theme for this year's annual meeting. It's based on 2 Timothy 2:2 which describes the disciple-making process and how it is passed on from generation to generation. In the theme verse, the Apostle Paul admonishes his young apprentice Timothy to take the truths of God that he had learned from Paul and teach those truths to others who would, in turn, teach them to others, as well. The passage reveals a pattern for disciple-making that involves investing one's life in others so that the gospel and its application to life is continually reproduced in subsequent generations. Milton Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director- treasurer, said, "An echo, which begins as a small sound, becomes something much greater when it reflects off a large surface. It becomes a rep- etition of sounds - not by the ability of the one who produced it, but by the power of something much greater. "Just as God made Abraham into a great nation following his act of obedience, I am confident that if we act in obedience to Him, He will bring our small actions of personal discipleship to fruition for His glory. Today, there are still more than 5.8 million lost people in our state. That number is high, but God has called us to make disciples, and we know that when He begins a work, He will ' carry it on to comple- tion ' (Philippians 1:6). What a mighty God we serve!" For a full schedule of the annual meeting, see page 4. An index of this special convention issue is on page 3.


The BSC Board of Directors (Board) approved the 2016 budget during its meeting Sept. 29-30. Mes- sengers will have to vote on the budget during the annual meeting. Totaling $29.5 million, the budget shows a $500,000 increase over the 2015 budget. Instead of increasing its allotment to the Southern Baptist Conven- tion (SBC) by .5 percent, the budget increases its SBC al- location to 3 percent, which moves North Carolina's portion to the SBC from 37 percent to 40 percent. The increase in budget marks the first time the state's CP budget has increased since 2007, when messengers approved a two-year budget for 2008-09. The increased budget means BSC's institutions and agencies will see a greater allocation than in the 2015 budget. The proposed budget also: Increases the allocation to Fruitland Baptist Bible College by $20,000. Reduces the allocation of scholarships as the transfer of scholarship administration moves from the convention to the N.C. Baptist Foundation. Eliminates the allocation for the matching GuideStone retirement benefit for pastors and church staff. Maintains the allocation for protection benefits for pastors and church staff.


The Board proposes three amendments to the by- laws of the BSC. The Board brings no recommended amendments related to the convention's Articles of Incorporation. The first two motions share similarity in focus, specifically terms of service for individuals elected and/or appointed to serve on the Board and com- mittees of the BSC. The final motion addresses the duties of the Committee on Convention meetings and allows the

Annual meeting aims to impact the lost

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